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Simple Towing Device

Tow easily and safely with the Simple Towing Device

* Adjustable Tow Bar for towing vehicles.
* Quick and easy setup, installation and Towing.
* Takes approximately 3 - 10 min to install.
* Can be used anywhere, anytime.
* Folds up to quickly and easily (no Tools Required) fits in most car boots/Trunks.
* Can be installed by anyone, no professional needed.
* Tows most makes of vehicles new models or old.
* Comes with fitting and using instructions.

Benefits of using the Simple Towing Device

* No jerking, on stopping or pull off.
* Towed vehicle follows towing vehicle automatically when driving.
* Single tow system can be used for most vehicles.
* Does not require any changes to Towed vehicle.
* Uses the normal tow ball fitted on vehicles.
* Can tow long distances eg. JHB to Dbn.
* Manufactured in South Africa.
* Sold in the USA for many years.

Simple Towing Device is an adjustable A-frame which can be fitted to most light to medium sized vehicles. Also known as a Yframe (Y-frame) because of its shape. It will make towing a breeze. Now anybody can tow with confidence. the A-frame can easily be stowed in the boot for transporting. Once installed even a novice with little driving experience can tow like a professional. Will give users a lifetime of towing. Never pay again for tow trucks to fetch your vehicle, now you are in control. Perfect for towing that 4x4 toy for the holiday at the coast or going away for a break, but you want to have two cars at your destination, Simple Towing Device is the answer. Petrol heads, taking your creation to the next show the Simple Towing Device A-frame will get your there no pain, no fuss. Like towing a trailer, its that easy. As you drive, the towed vehicle will follow without you even realising that its behind you. We have a comprehensive installation guide with step by step instuctions to follow.

For quick and friendly service, get a Simple Towing Device A-Frame now.

Phone Andre: 072 306 1136


Phone Jans: 079 152 7435

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